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In this week’s episode of the Transformation Cafe podcast, host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost welcome back Kay Gilley, the author of “The Game Called Life” available from Amazon. In this episode they discuss chapters 3 and 4.

The Game Called Life: Book Club Notes

Chapter 3: Redefining Success

The material world would have us believe that we need to develop a plan for our lives, set goals, and succeed in material ways. In The Game Called Life the only goals that count are the intentions — the goals of our souls — established before we were conceived. When we are at one with the goals of our souls we are in integrity–the word means to be “at one” or to be “whole”. When we established these intentions before life, we memorized the feeling and our commitments are stored as a feeling in our hearts: a feeling of oneness with God–the compass of the heart.

In the game called “Life”, we are plugged into an intricate matrix of souls all trying to evolve, develop gifts, and doing service. We are intensely interdependent. If one person doesn’t learn their lesson or develop their gifts, a ripple is created to identify others who are capable of taking over for them. In the meantime, other assignments must be found. Others may move ahead more quickly and be ready for a new assignment sooner. Amidst this complexity how do we stay on track and succeed?

  • Compass of the heart – allows us to stay current with what is needed from us in the complexities of the universe, as they change moment by moment. We never get the big picture because it is changing constantly. Helen tells us to imagine being at One with all that is and the act of doing so allows us to access a network of support–comprised of beings like Helen–which is “eagerly awaiting”.
  • That support network can’t interfere unless it is invited. After holding our hearts open, we must ask for guidance, which will be current with the needs of that moment. Showing up is a “main event” in life: everything we do is sacred, even though we don’t know how. Everyone who crosses our path is a “human partner”, a helper on our journey, as we are helpers for everyone else. We just don’t know how it is we are to help unless we ask. We are changing the world in simple ways…every day in every act.
  • Because we memorized our commitments as a feeling, our emotions are quick access guides to what is going on in our soul. Feelings of hopelessness are the compass of the year speaking to you and saying you are off-track, it is time to tune in, listen, and show up for the “main events” of our lives.

The book started with Lizzie receiving a wake-up call. After explaining how we succeed at the game, Helen tells us the purpose of a wake-up call is to confuse players enough about what is real that they will turn to God/the Universe/the compass of the heart for answers to get back on track.

Chapter Four—Rewriting Our Stories

Each player goes through their game with a “story” about how things are—the “karmic story” because until it is challenged, it is all that anyone knows to be true. When we live from our karmic story what we do happens without thinking. We react out of habit. Our karma keeps us in an autopilot trance, acting or reacting without being aware of what we are doing. Our karmic story is what we must overcome to evolve our souls. That is why it is chosen before we are conceived because we choose a family that will be most challenging to what we are supposed to learn. The family, as human partners, sets us up for the lessons we need to learn, and those lessons will be reinforced by others as we “autopilot” through life. We learn and grow in consciousness only be doing what has not been natural and automatic.

Making and keeping commitments are important because commitments are made to others in the game. We score points by keeping them. We lose points by breaking them. Everything is a commitment. “…A player who understands commitment is one who does what she says, carefully considering before making promises.” Steps to rewriting our stories:

  1. Awareness—We know that we are in a karmic story that we are acting out as habit. Without this awareness, we can’t rewrite the story.
  2. Re-member the goals of our souls—our intentions—and then rewrite our stories to reflect what our souls want us to learn. As we rewrite, we step from our karmic story into our divine legacy story—the one you intended before you were born.
  3. Find the will and/or discipline to create our intended future. The player knows what to do but must directly transcend their habit—their karma—in order to step into their divine legacy. They must act in accordance with their intentions…in spite of deeply ingrained autopilot trances. Helen says that most players don’t go wrong, they just don’t go right. They stay in their karmic story instead of deliberately and consciously stepping into their divine legacy. The process described in Chapter 3 allows us to step into our divine legacy.

These are our life’s work: we must live without excuses. We never know what will be required of us.

Topics to Explore:

Karma – habits attached to the soul, which we generally need to transcend to accomplish soul mastery; “our comfort zone” or what we’ve always done or how we did it in my family.

Special gifts – Things that you just do naturally well and it makes a contribution. If we don’t keep developing the gifts, we won’t have the skills needed for our work, and that work will be reassigned.

Learning and growing – can’t go back, must always learn and grow. What are the signs that we need to progress?

Click the link below to purchase The Game Called Life on Amazon.

About Kay:

Kay Gilley is a spiritual coach and mentor to executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. In her writing, public speaking and individual work, she helps individuals break out of habitual near-life experiences to rediscover life, foster latent creativity and reclaim their whole potential. Kay has been described as “the world’s leading thinking on intention.” She says that means intention is the assignment God has given her to master at this point on her journey. To date, here spiritual homework has included writing four books on fear, courage, and intention. She describes The Game Called Life as the ultimate exercise in spiritual surrender…written in five days with passion that changed her life and her health. Kay writes the blog, and she is also a keynote speaker, in addition to her “day job” as senior organizational development consultant at NASA Headquarters.

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