Episode 140 - Embodying Hope with Marie Smith


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Hope is not wishful thinking.

For Marie Smith, "God is in every part of every step that I take." That's a deep, abiding hope.

This episode of LeaderCast, we have a conversation with Marie about her top 5 CliftonStrengths (Woo, Positivity, Arranger, Communication, Includer.) Specifically, we focus on how her Positivity talent theme is fueling her leadership during this season.

As you can imagine, someone with the Positivity talent theme is filled with contagious enthusiasm. Marie not only invites you into her life as a leader but helps you experience the beauty of this talent alongside her other dominant CliftonStrengths.

You'll hear Marie weave together how she's focusing on four aspects of disciple-making during daily prayer online. And you'll experience how the natural way she thinks, feels, and behaves (her talent themes) bring prayer to life for her and those that join her online.

Be encouraged as you experience the reality of leading, parenting, partnering, and pastoring during this season of ministry. Then, walk away committed to offering what is good, right, and beautiful about you to those you lead.

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