Episode 159 - Month 1 - Courageous Leaders Begin with Purpose


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Each month throughout 2021, the podcast will focus on one theme. Episode 159 sets the foundation for everything that follows with a conversation around purpose.

Courage and Purpose

We begin with the question, “Why is knowing your purpose essential to being a courageous leader?” This question helps us point to a bigger truth that our purpose is tied to who you are, that is, your identity. To clarify, no, we’re not talking about wealth, status, or power in terms of “who you are.” Knowing your purpose stems from self-awareness (hint-hint, a future theme) and being able to live out your purpose.

A phrase you’ll hear us say a lot in 2021 is this: who you are is how you lead. And, until you understand who and whose you are, it will be a challenge to identify and focus on your purpose.

Purpose and Conflict

Purpose grounds us. It centers us. It sets our direction when conflict arises. When there is a lack of clarity around an organizational purpose, conflict often arises.

For a conflict to be generative and innovative, it needs to come from a place of connection to our purpose. When there is a disconnect between your individual purpose and the organizational purpose, there is probably a lack of integrity as well.

Adaptability, Nuances, Fear and Rest

Further, we explore how adaptability, staying nimble, and not being rigid help us stay grounded in our purpose while continuing to grow. Related, consider how nuances and holding the tension of two different perspectives can be clarifying for our purpose and next steps.

The final two things we discuss are fear and rest. Courageous leaders recognize fear is a part of leadership. You might get butterflies in your stomach every day and still, they don’t allow fear to hold them back from pursuing their purpose. Finally, when it comes to rest, remember this: the world keeps going when you stop. If it doesn’t you haven’t been leading people, you’ve built an empire around your personality.

Questions to Consider

What is your purpose?

What do you need to reset on a monthly and weekly basis to stay focused on your purpose?

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