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This is part two of our talk with Dr. David Lunow, a practicing MD and avid Spartan Racer. Dr. Lunow is passionate about helping male veterans and first responders with common hormonal imbalances caused by many things, including chronic stress, PTSD, and lack of sleep. Today we get into more about sleep and nutrition.

David was born in Minnesota and raised in Indonesia to missionary parents. He completed college degrees in Biblical Theology and Biology before entering Medical School. He moved to Fort Worth, Texas in 2002 for residency in Family Practice and completed a fellowship in Emergency Medicine. He has been practicing ER medicine since 2006 in Fort Worth.

During the past decade of ER work, Dr. Lunow has come to recognize that most diseases and chronic conditions are at least exacerbated by lifestyle decision if not caused by them. This has led to active research on healthy lifestyle practices which include diet, exercise, and the role that vitamins, minerals, and in some cases Hormone Replacement therapy can accomplish, not only to mitigate the development of chronic medical conditions but also to dramatically improve one's quality of life.

Find Dr. Lunow on his website ApexHealth.org to learn more and schedule and appointment.

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