55 Taking Shame out of the Suicide Conversation


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This week's episode is a companion to the Marine Corps Times article Dr. Shauna Springer and I coauthored on how we can talk about suicide. As we talk about in the show, a Marine Corps colonel was recently quoted as saying that "suicide is a shameful act." We get into why this is not accurate and how to productively talk about suicide and how to help those suffering and the loved ones of those who have completed a suicide.

Read our article here

This week I am joined by Dr. Shauna Springer and Eric Strom.

Shauna Springer is a licensed clinical psychologist. She is the TAPS Suicide Prevention & Postvention Senior Director who is known by many service members and veterans as “Doc Springer” based on the trust she has earned within the Tribe and her role as a trusted advisor to many who have served within the military. Dr. Springer has helped hundreds of warriors reconnect with their tribe, strengthen their most important relationships, and build lives that are driven by their deepest values.

Eric Strom is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in MN and is a member of the MN Army National Guard. Eric spent 5 years as an active duty Marine and deployed twice to the Persian Gulf. Eric specializes in and works with those who have suffered traumatic events in their lives.

Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line

Call 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 for Veteran

Text 838255

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