44 Landing Your Dream Job Through Social Media


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Can social media help you land your dream job and build your career? It worked for me, and it can for you, too. In this episode I share two actionable tips for optimizing the career-building power of your social profiles. Mentioned in this episode: ? Craft Beverage Jobs: http://www.craftbeveragejobs.com/ ? My Craft Beverage Jobs Hangout interview: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/csbrnr6va8ub3al4rat78bdd9j0 If you enjoyed this, please share....and here's how to subscribe to never miss an episode: ? iTunes: stonet.co/TTOiTunes (thanks for your five star reviews there too!) ? Subscribe on the Stitcher Radio app. Search for "Traphagen's Takeout Order and click the + to add to a playlist. ? Google+: stonet.co/TTOCollection (hit the gear and change notifcations to "on") ? Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/mark-traphagen/sets/traphagens-takeout-order << Be sure to follow me there! ? Pinterest: stonet.co/TTOPinterest Sponsored by Stone Temple Consulting, a premier digital marketing agency www.stonetemple.com Theme music by Audionautix.com.

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