Travel Supplements for Celiacs


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Episode #64

Travel Supplements for Celiacs

Disclaimer: The following episode is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or dictate types of supplements you should take when you travel. These are supplements that I use for my personal care. Before using any supplement, check with your healthcare provider for any adverse side effects they could potentially cause to your health or could possibly interfere with other medications.

We’ll explore the different supplements that I use when I travel. I take these tried and true supplements with me on every travel adventure.


Charcoal is traditionally used to clean up toxins in your system. The easiest, and I believe the only way to use charcoal is by taking capsules. I use charcoal when I feel that I've been cross-contaminated or glutened when eating out. Drink lots of water when you take charcoal for the most benefit from this supplement.


Come in many different forms: powder, chewable, tablet, and capsule. For traveling, capsule, or pre-packaged individual servings work best. My healthcare provider suggested 50 billion probiotics per pill, with several different strains. I am currently using Renew Life probiotics, which you can find in many health food stores.


Good ole' ginger - a great digestive aide used for morning sickness, motion sickness, and any time your stomach isn't feeling well, especially when you've accidentally eaten gluten. With no harmful side effects to speak of, you can easily take this supplement with you in the form of ginger candy, lozenges, tea, capsules, or even fresh ginger root. Although the latter is the best, especially for making tea, fresh ginger may be a bit hard to transport while traveling.

Protein Bars and Shakes

I commonly carry protein bars and shakes with me, whether I'm working on-the-go or I'm traveling, these are an easy way to get clean and nutritious snack any time of the day or night! There are several different bases to choose from: soy, whey, hemp, pea protein, milk (casein). When I travel, I use single-serving protein powder with greens with a pea base.

Be sure to check the carbohydrate count (for excessive carbohydrates due to added sugar) and read sweetener ingredients.

Supplements for Sleep

I use different supplements to help me stay asleep at night. I use different supplements and rotate them out, so my body doesn't get used to one of them and lose their efficacy. Valerian, kava kava, California Poppy and CBD are supplements which I use for inflammation, sleep, and sore muscles


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