Lauren: an account of Nicaragua


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Street art in Esteli, Nicaragua painted over by protesters.

A community development worker, who requested that her real name not be used, shared her experience living and working in Nicaragua. “Lauren” spoke about the “dictabuena”, the legacy of the Sandinista revolution, feminism, and the political unrest in April last year that prompted her to leave the country.

The taxi driver told me that one of the boys…I think he was 19… who was killed in Esteli, his father had been one of the Sandinista soldiers who had liberated Daniel Ortega from prison. And the taxi driver told me basically Daniel Ortega repaid this man by killing his son. He was killed with a sniper. That same driver told me, I’m a Sandinista and I believe in freedom and equality and not having one landowner own the entire country, but instead dividing it amongst the laborers. But I am NOT a Danielista. And so I think that Nicaraguans do believe in co-operativism and working together, and always together is better.

2:11 Introduction

4:04 image of Nicaragua

6:28 interactions with Nicaraguans

11:51 attitudes toward estadounidenses

14:45 experience as a woman traveling in Central America

20:32 Break

21:17 feminism in Nicaragua and C.A.

29:34 U.S. and Latin America and women’s reproductive rights

34:34 Bernie Sanders interview upon returning from a trip to Nicaragua in 1985

35:25 response, the legacy of revolution, socialism

40:00 the events of April 2018

49:12 returning to Nicaragua, advice for travellers

52:33 resources for further info

54:11 outro

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