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Think about how many professions and jobs of productive people has been eliminated in the past five years. I’m sure you can name several that you might have a personal experience with. You have a relative or close friend displaced by some technological advancement that is anything but an advancement for the affected.

Our real estate industry is in the midst of major upheaval and no one seems to be overly concerned! Sadly nearly every agent I have talked with does not have the least notion of how in jeopardy his or her profession is. Those that have a concern have little to no idea how to take corrective measures to offset the upcoming disaster.

What got you here is not going to get you there tomorrow.

Redfin’s recent IPO announcement has as Inman put it, “the industry will never be the same.” Raising 2 Billion in the initial stock offering exceeding the market cap of the industries largest franchise Remax by a cool 1/2 billion dollars. Bam overnight!

Real estate sales is a personal relationship business.

I have yet to meet anyone in real estate who refutes this. Sorta like the weather everyone talks about it but no one does anything about it.

Well, now is the time. As technology takes over more and more, embracing the personal relationship skill set becomes the game changer.

As disruptors enter the playing field, and there will be many, learning the winning skills of counselor selling provides a viable path to any agent’s future success.

My free 30 minute lunch and learn program highlights the need for developing winning selling skills. Let’s get your session booked today. Call the number shown below, look forward to hearing from you.

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