EDCs, Hypogonadism, & Why Men Need Testosterone Now More Than Ever w/Dr. Keith Nichols


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No matter what the numbers say, the amount of men suffering from symptoms of low testosterone proves there’s a crisis. How is the poor standard of care by doctors leading to suffering men who end up on sites like testosteroneaddiction.com? How are cash-pay hormone optimization clinics contributing to this? Why are pellets the most popular form of TOT? On this episode, I talk to Dr. Keith Nichols about the crisis in men’s health and how doctors are contributing to it.

Because we’re in a toxic environment, it is my belief that we are actually in need of more testosterone than ever to outcompete the EDC and androgen receptors. -Dr. Keith Nichols

Four Takeaways

  • There is now a third level of hypogonadism due to disruption at a cellular level.
  • Doctors are only taught how to treat with medication and surgery. They’re not taught how to prevent disease.
  • The worst assumptions made about hormone replacement therapy are that testosterone, DHT and estrogen cause prostate cancer. All of this has been shown to be untrue.
  • The only form of TRT widely prescribed is pellets, and that’s because they are an income generator for doctors. Medically, they are useless.

At the start of the show, we gave some background on the poor treatment most doctors are providing when it comes to HRT, and we talked about why websites like testosteroneaddiction.com exist. We talked about the new classification of hypogonadism, Dr. Keith’s own experience with low testosterone and why medical schools aren’t teaching on the subject at a level that is commensurate with the knowledge out there.

We also discussed:

  • The role politics and economics play in the vilification of testosterone
  • The so-called “3 boogeymen” of testosterone
  • Why most cash-pay, template-based hormone replacement clinics are doing more harm than good

We’re in a toxic environment where EDCs are causing massive damage to the health of men. Natural testosterone levels are at an all-time low, and it’s set to get worse. Men need more testosterone urgently, and the restrictive nature of prescribing testosterone isn’t rising to the standard required. Yet doctors are treating according to numbers and not symptoms, which is where the real signs are. The reason this isn’t changing is because TOT is a form of preventive medicine and there is no profit margin for Big Pharma. This is why we need doctors who can break away from the system and help the people who so desperately need it.

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