From Endurance Runner to Bodybuilder: The Biochemical Techniques of Building Muscle w/Dave Palumbo, Part 1


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When it comes to building muscle, many people fail to achieve results because of incorrect form, and they fail to learn the biochemical techniques of bodybuilding. What are some of the key ways to make sure you’re achieving peak performance? What does it take to transform your body significantly? How can we make sure we’re activating our muscles at the right level? On this episode, I’m joined by professional bodybuilder, and CEO and Founder of, Dave Palumbo, who shares how he became a 315-pound ripped bodybuilder.

Three Takeaways

If you eat a lot of food without creating the stimulus for muscle building, you can take all the drugs in the world but it won’t do anything.

Squat, bench and row: if you learn to do these things well, you will build muscle.

Poke the muscle you’re supposed to be working so that you can have mind-muscle connection.

At the start of the show, Dave shared how he got started, and how he made the switch from lean runner, to a world-class bodybuilder. Next, we talked about how his life as an endurance runner contributed to his results in gaining muscle. We talked about some of the causes of people being so misinformed about weight training.

We also discussed;

  • The problem with trainers who can’t train and people learning about building muscle on social media
  • The biochemical techniques of building muscle
  • The drug regimen Dave used to gain muscle

The fundamentals of bodybuilding are impeccable form, achieving the full range of motion, and controlling the weights you lift. The problem is, many people in the gym won’t be able to learn the neurological patterning that is necessary to contract muscle fibers, and as a result, they never get any gains. You have to learn and train with someone in person; someone who knows what they are doing. Focusing just on getting more reps and sets won’t get you anywhere.

Guest Bio-

Dave Palumbo is a retired bodybuilder, and the CEO and Founder of Go to for more information.

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