Healing the Divine Masculine & Freeing the Body, Mind & Soul w/Dr. David Kamnitzer


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Our culture does not acknowledge the importance of the mind, body, and soul connection. Why is this causing a lot of harm to our society? How do we start to heal the masculine and bring it in alignment with the universe? When it feels like your mind, soul and body are in disconnect, how do you find that missing link?

On this episode I am joined by physician and podcaster Dr. David Kamnitzer, to have a high-conscious conversation about shifting our paradigm and being our best selves.

The soul and mind affect the body, and the condition of the body affects the mind and the soul. -Dr. David Kamnitzer

Takeaways from this Episode

  • A doctor who is open-minded and consciously aware wants an informed patient. They want a patient who has done their own homework.

  • When you’re dealing with hormones, you’re dealing with a deep level of that person’s whole incarnational expression, and you must have a multi-dimensional sensitivity.

  • A lot of people still believe that testosterone is steroids, and therefore a bad thing.

Our bodies are the vehicles for experience and self-expression, and if at any moment we feel like we’re not our best, this also affects our minds and souls, as well as the results we get in our lives. When these things are in alignment, we don’t have to just accept it and believe in a reality we don’t like. We can become empowered and informed and take our health into our own hands. There are powers that want to see men completely disempowered but we can fight back through optimization. Sometimes becoming aligned means optimizing our hormones, and this is a positive thing not a negative. Once we’re healed, we can become the very best physically, emotionally and mentally.

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