How Becoming Devotional, Quitting Alcohol & Getting Optimized Changed Our Lives w/Adam Lamb


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From not optimizing ourselves, to drinking alcohol and not being devotional, there are so many things blocking our consciousness as a society. How does drinking block our own self-awareness and personal development? What is causing so many people to be disenchanted, depressed and anxious?

On this episode, I’m joined by my good friend, author of the Better Than The Binge, and founder of Renew Health RX, Adam Lamb, who talks about his journey of quitting alcohol, growing as a person and getting optimized.

If you drink to intoxication often, you have a drinking problem. -Adam Lamb

Three Takeaways

  • When we’re younger, all we want is to be older and we tend to attach ourselves to the tangible signs of being older, and drinking is one of them. Unfortunately this has led to major issues with alcohol in our society.
  • The pretty pictures you see on Instagram of perfect lives are just the results or even a lie about their lives. They aren’t the hard work, the uncomfortable moments and all the challenges.
  • Proper medicine isn’t treating sick people, it’s keeping healthy people healthy mentally, physically and emotionally and that’s what optimization is.

At the start of the show, Adam shared on his story and his journey, the recent surgery he went through and what caused it. We talked about why so many people in America aren’t devotional, and the importance of having faith and believing in something. We also discussed how social drinking is one of the biggest issues we have in modern society. Towards the end, we talked about hormone optimization, the importance of client follow up and how pharma and insurance have meddled and messed things up.

We also discussed;

  • The crisis in young men and the lack of physicality and masculine bonding
  • What Adam has learned about life through his marriage
  • How being parents changed us
  • The importance of health forward therapy

A lot of people in this world have so much anxiety, disenchantment, despair and self-destruction because they have misunderstanding of life and how it works. The good things in our lives; the success, the happiness and the health takes hard work, it doesn’t happen instantly. And when we rely on things like alcohol, unhealthy habits and being in denial about our need to delve into the devotional, we just delay our own progress and success. When we fix these things, that’s when we truly become free, and get the best results in our lives.

Guest Bio-

Adam is the founder of Renew Life Rx, and the author of Better Than the Binge: Eliminate Alcohol From Your Life. To get in touch and learn more, go to, to get the book, go to

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