How to Build an Elite-Level Physique w/Daniel Kelly


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There is no shortcut to the perfect physique, you have to be willing to put in the work. What type of mindset is required to build a great body? Why are shortcuts like steroids so dangerous? Why is the millennial mindset so counterproductive to growth? On this episode, Daniel Kelly and I talk with Dominic who shares on his journey with testosterone, and we talk about the long-term strategy for building a great body.

Muscle is the greatest deterrent to aging because it’s the biggest resistor of disease. -Jay Campbell

Three Takeaways

  • It's not about weight-- it's about composition. When you have more muscle than fat, you are more resistant to aging.
  • You want to find a workout program that hits all the energy systems, minimizes your time in the gym, and avoids injury.
  • If you want to build an amazing physique, understand that it’s going to take time.

At the start of the show, we talked about what it takes to build a great physique. Next, we talked about why building muscle is is important, and how to train in the long-term. We talked about why instant gratification doesn’t work when it comes to health and fitness, and we also discussed the millennial mindset.

Training is all about time. Are you willing to invest 45-60 minutes per session, 3-5 days a week? This isn’t just about the short-term. If you want an elite level body, you have to commit to working at it consistently over your lifetime. This is how you build a physique that’s resistant to disease and aging, and the kind of body that allows you perform and show up in your life-- whatever your goals are.

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