How to Insulate Yourself Against a Toxic, Hostile Environment With Optimization w/Daniel Kelly


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The best way to sum up our existence right now is that the environment is conspiring against us. What are the telltale signs that we’re in deep trouble? Why is optimization really the only way we can fight back? How does testosterone completely change you for the better?

On this episode, my friend and mentee, Daniel Kelly is back to talk about his book Optimized Under 35, his own journey to optimization and why the work we’re doing is so necessary.

Three Takeaways

  • The difference in your physicality, spirituality, confidence and outlook on life is completely different before and after testosterone optimization.
  • Without an optimal balance of testosterone in the human body, both men and women suffer.
  • If a child is born to a mother who used birth control and an IUD, they will have a 2nd or 3rd generation epigenetic defect somewhere in their biological system.

At the start of the show, Daniel shared why his book is such a passion project and his life pre-testosterone and post-testosterone. Next, we talked about how your spirituality shifts with optimization, and how bad lifestyle choices lead to a testosterone deficiency. We also discussed the importance of reducing stress.

We also discussed;

  • How chronic low level exposure to toxins is causing problems
  • Why doctors aren’t resource they once were
  • The three-pronged approach to optimization

We are dealing with a widespread, undocumented and wholly acknowledged disaster among young males. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; this is admitted, substantiated, and documented science. It’s past time for us to be debating whether optimization is good or not, because frankly, it’s the only weapon we have to claw back our health and fertility. Testosterone is the lifeblood molecule that is essential to overall health, and the sooner we give it to more people in need of it, the higher our chance of saving humanity.

Guest Bio-

Daniel is the author of the upcoming book Optimized Under 35 and contributor on Find him on Twitter @danielkellytrt and to join his life to find out about the book, go to

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