How to Optimize Based on Your Available Options w/Sam Cook and Michael Kocsis


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People are struggling to access hormone therapy all over the world. What are the benefits of TOT that it’s critics don’t seem to see? What options are available for those who genuinely want to optimize their health? On this episode, Sam Cook and Michael Kocsis of Balance my Hormones are here to discuss the options available in the UK.

TRT should be the first line of defense for treatment of anything. -Jay Campbell

Three Takeaways

  • There’s very little preventative medicine in the UK (or anywhere for that matter). Most medical systems are based on a sick care model.
  • In so many patients, optimizing testosterone has been the only thing able to treat anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking.
  • The UK has a private healthcare sector where patients can access TRT. This sector actually often ends up being more affordable for the patient, meaning there is an amazing opportunity for more people to benefit from optimization.

At the start of the episode, we discussed how TRT is viewed in Europe in general, and the UK in particular. We then spoke about the different options men have for optimization- namely, injections or topical cream. After discussing the merits of each, we agreed that there is a need for treatments to be prescribed according to each individual’s biochemical needs.

We also discussed;

  • That a lot of the doctors simply don’t know what they’re doing with optimization because they haven’t been trained correctly
  • Why you should choose between injections and cream, based on your needs and preference
  • That it’s becoming harder for high-profile sick care figures to discredit TRT

The TOT revolution is only just beginning. There is still considerable pushback all over the world, and doctors continue to shy away from TOT because their training has not taught them enough about hormones. However, there is hope for the future. More and more people are able to access the correct information about optimization. Plus, private sector TOT in the UK is surprisingly affordable. The revolution is in its early stages, but will only gain momentum as it progresses.

Guest Bio-

Michael Kocsis is the founder and Managing Director at Balance My Hormones Ltd. Michael is passionate about helping people with their hormone imbalances, so that they can become the best versions of themselves. Michael is at the forefront of the TRT revolution.

Sam Cook of Balance My Hormones Ltd strongly believes that patient experience is of huge importance. While he acknowledges that social media has become important to businesses, Sam advocates for giving patients the best possible care they can get.

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