The TOT Doctors Roundtable: How to Optimize a Cardiovascular Patient


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For patients who have experienced cardiovascular issues, special attention must be paid when it comes to optimization. Why is good dental care so critical for treating these patients? Is a super micro dose of a statin a responsible therapy for an optimized person? How do our physicians treat them to maintain their health? On this episode, Dr. Crisler, Dr. Meehan, Dr. Kominiarek, and Dr. Nichols and I discuss optimization of cardiovascular and circulatory health.

Three Takeaways

  • Chronic opioid therapy will always drop natural testosterone levels.
  • For vascular patients, eating foods that help increase nitric oxide secretion like spinach, arugula, beets and beet juice is great.
  • If you can’t get vitamin D naturally, take 1000mg for every 25 pounds of body weight if you’re caucasian. For non-caucasian people,1500mg per 25g of body fat will do.
  • Take care of your teeth. Plaque build up in the gum line can cause a terrible coronary event because embryologically, the mouth and heart are in the same sack.

At the start of the show, we talked about a recent story about an optimization doctor who is in trouble after a patient’s death, even though the real cause was opioid therapy. The doctors then shared how they manage a cardiovascular patient, the types of supplements they use and the foods they recommend. We also talked about the importance of good dental care.

We also discussed:

  • The value of getting your vitamin D levels up
  • The use of Niacin and side effects
  • Why statins are bad news
  • The importance of avoiding processed foods

Diet and lifestyle have to really be dialed in for a patient with any circulatory issues. That means eating vegetables and meat with low fat and sourcing food that is as organic or locally grown as possible. It’s also very important to get your vitamin D up, either naturally or through supplementation. Good dental care is very important because the overload of plaque can cause a coronary event.

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