The TOT Doctors Roundtable: The Truth On Toxic Masculinity, Epigenetics & Men's Health


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The mainstream media has a lid on this subject of therapeutic testosterone and how great it is. What are the factors causing this ignorance and demonization of TOT? How has the era of toxic masculinity impacted this? What is causing the epigenetic shifts we’re seeing? And the biggest question of all - is it being done on purpose? On this episode, I talk to Dr. Jim Meehan, Dr. John Crisler and Dr. Merrill Matschke about these very important and very urgent issues in our society.

We’re going to a cliff and our hope is those of us who have elevated ourselves to understand what’s really happening at a biological level. Without that, we’re going to get left behind. -Dr. Merrill Matschke

Three Takeaways

The reasons for the demonization of testosterone range from fear and stupidity to corporate greed and biased studies.

Mainstream media is on a warpath against masculinity and it has permeated all the literature, putting testosterone in a bad light.

Men with low sperm count have a high incidence of cancer and cardiovascular disease, so paying attention to testosterone is critical.

The toxicity of our environment and food supply is making women and men more similar biologically and reproductively.

At the start of the show, I shared on my experience trying to talk to the mainstream media about testosterone optimization, and what it tells us about how people view TOT. Next, we talked about some of the key causes for this view, ranging from fear to lack of assimilation of new knowledge. We also discussed the importance of thinking differently and knowing what’s going on.

We also discussed:

  • How the reproductive differences between men and women are decreasing
  • How the snacks we’re giving to our kids are loading their bodies with toxins
  • Why we shouldn’t listen to experts telling us not to panic

The so-called experts are grossly underestimating and downplaying just how dire things are right now. The people who are asking whether the drop in testosterone and sperm count spells extinction for us are asking the right questions. Even if we have ways of solving issues like infertility, we can never forget that testosterone is also measure of men’s health and that’s why we have to keep an eye on it. Ultimately, if we don’t get a handle on this and start recognizing where the toxins are and start eliminating from our environment and food supply, this spells disaster for all of us.

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