The Use and Benefits of Micro-Point Stimulation w/Kelly Armstrong


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When the human body experiences different types of trauma it results in various types of scars, and these can actually impede health and performance. One of the most common modalities to healing these traumas is the application of microcurrents, but not all these modalities are created equal. What is the Dolphin Neurostim and what are its benefits? Why is it so much better than the electronic healing pads sold all over the place? How does it aid in healing and pain management? On this episode, I’m joined by master pain practitioner and pain management specialist, Kelly Armstrong, to talk about this awesome device and all its capabilities.

Not only can the Dolphin relieve pain, it can also empower the nervous system to work better. -Kelly Armstrong


Micropoint stimulation (MPS) is an integrative mixture of a lot of different therapies that look at the body from a different perspective. You have to treat the whole body and treat all of the traumas for the body to actually heal.

The Dolphin Neurostim has a tip applicator or a point which functions like a non-invasive needle, and gives you the same outcomes when used to treat acupuncture points.

Electronic healing pads actually lower muscle oxygenation and recovery.

When you treat the body with the microcurrent, it is actually changing and improving the health of the tissue. This will decrease pain and increase movement.

At the start of the show, Kelly talked about the importance of healing and treating the body as a whole, and why past traumas need to be looked at as much as new ones. Next, Kelly shared on how the Dolphin Neurostim works, and the multiple benefits the device has. We also talked about scars and how they impede health, vitality and performance; as well as how the microcurrent helps prevent accidents and injuries in athletes. Kelly also shared on battlefield acupuncture and how it works.

We also discussed:

  • The Dolphin vs. the healing pads we see in malls and drugstores
  • How the Dolphin helps athletes recover and regulate
  • Using the Dolphin to reduce delayed muscle soreness from training
  • How military professionals can use the Dolphin

Not all electronic modalities benefit the nervous system or heal the body’s traumas. The Dolphin Neurostim is special because it performs multiple functions that are vital to the body’s healing. Its direct current mimics our own body’s energy, and the microcurrent works at a cellular level which helps cells create more protein synthesis and reestablish a more normal cellular membrane. As we age, we accumulate scars and traumas, and stress can prevent our healing. If we use the right tool, we can heal and improve our vitality to strengthen us and make our bodies more resilient.

Guest Bio-

Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP is a pain management specialist, therapist, teacher, speaker, and expert in treating chronic pain. Follow @PainExpertKelly on Twitter or find Pain Expert Kelly on Facebook.

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