Why It's Critical to Create Longitudinal Data Points for Biomarkers w/Dr. Catherine Johnson


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One of the biggest issues we have in healthcare is the lack of knowledge around the biomarkers as people age. How can we solve this by taking a more integrative approach? Will we ever get to the mass consciousness that testosterone is good? What is wrong with the over-protocolization of healthcare?

On this episode, I’m joined by Director and founder of Precision Medical Care, Dr. Catherine Johnson to talk about how to help people get back to balanced health and the practical steps it will take us to get there.

If you over-protocalize and you don’t take a precision approach, you will lose validity to care and you will see errors. -Dr. Catherine Johnson

Three Takeaways

  • Longitudinal data point for biomarkers: if we know where someone’s biomarkers were in the past and there’s a drastic change, we can find the root cause quicker and solve the root issue.
  • Because we’ve lost balance when it comes to health, people’s opinions have become split and that’s a major reason for the demonization of hormones.
  • You will save money when you go to the right doctor because they will start low go slow and see what you need. The wrong doctor will mess you around as they try to figure out what you need.

At the start of the show, Dr. Catherine shared how she got started and why she made the change from emergency medicine to precision medicine. She talked about how chronic disease manifests when people aren’t taking care of themselves. We talked about how the Baby Boomers have been so influenced by popular media, and how that impacts their health negatively. We then talked about the importance of teaching young people about their biomarkers. Dr. Catherine also talked about her her Precision Testosterone Optimized Therapy.

We also discussed;

  • The biggest issue we face in optimization
  • Why and how the sick care system is lashing out
  • The risk of going too high, too fast with hormone optimization therapy

To help our society heal and get better, we have to take a very integrated approach and it starts with teaching young people about the biomarkers for good health. That includes tracking things like skeletal muscle mass, blood pressure, testosterone and other hormones, lipid profile, vitamins and other vital details. We must define what the biomarkers are for an optimal health span at every age so that we end up with longitudinal data points. That way we can find the stressor, and remove the contributing factors before it’s too late.

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