World Class Mindset, Habits, and Nutrition w/Bart Van der Molen, former Mr. Universe


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Even with today’s unprecedented access to information, there are still a lot of misconceptions around nutrition and fitness. How is mineral and vitamin deficiency affecting our health? How can we change our mindset and habits for better health? How has social media influenced perception of weightlifting? On this episode, I’m joined by former Mr. Universe and owner of the best gym in Asia, Bart Van der Molen, as he shares insights on nutrition, fitness, and bodybuilding.

Three Takeaways

  • Every chronic disease is because of a mineral deficiency.
  • The body’s best source of Vitamin D is the sun, and when we take artificial Vitamin D, we actually mess up our ability to absorb it from the sun.
  • Many people who are struggling with weight lie to themselves by saying it’s a disease instead of the result of habits and choices. People hide behind these lies to be more socially acceptable.
  • A lot of African countries are gaining weight to the same level as the US because of the influence of American fast food.

At the start of the show, Bart shared he got started and how Muscle Factory was born. He also talked about the rules of his gym and how they are different from others. We discussed how Instagram has driven the shift in how certain workouts are viewed. We also talked about some of the health issues obese people have and why food is so addictive to them.

We also discussed:

  • Why we have a love-hate relationship with social media
  • Why it’s easier to help athletic people change their habits
  • The supplements Bart uses to prepare for competitions

If we were to prioritize giving people the minerals they need, we’d solve many health problems. We shouldn’t be making being unhealthy a socially acceptable thing because it doesn’t alleviate the danger people are putting themselves in. Ultimately, we have to change not only the habits of these people, but their mindset and psychology.

Guest Bio- Bart is the founder and owner of Muscle Factory Gym in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a former Mr. Universe. Go to for more information.

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