Ep148 - Leonarda Cianciulli


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Leonarda Cianciulli was born in Italy into a tumultuous situation. Her mother was raped and was forced to marry her rapist after finding out she was pregnant with Leonarda. She resented Leonarda because of the situation that brought her into this world. But, as an adult, Leonarda dreamed of having a large family to give the love to that she was never shown as a child. Many of her children died young as a fortune-teller had predicted. So Leonarda began sacrificing other women as a means to help keep her children alive.

Join MIke and Gibby as they discuss Leonarda Cianciulli, the soap maker of Corregio. She was a first-class con artist who lured women in with a web of fantastic lies. Leonarda learned what these women wanted and she told them that she could give it all to them. But, instead of getting what they most wanted in the world, they were murdered, boiled in Leonarda's kettle and turned into soap, candles, and cakes.

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