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Jerry Buck Inman experienced a horrible childhood. He was also diagnosed with a number of severe mental illnesses. He first went to prison at the age of 17 and did an 18-year stretch. As soon as he got out, He began traveling from his home in Tennesse to college campuses looking for young women to assault. In 2006, Inman saw college student Tiffany Souers at Clemson University. He targeted her, followed her home, and sexually assaulted and murdered her.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the life and crimes of Jerry Buck Inman. There's little doubt that his abusive childhood put him down a bad path. Was Jerry Inman let out of prison too early, and, did he receive treatment while he was in there for some of the mental health issues he had. Could the death of promising college student Tiffany Souers have been prevented?

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