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Margaret Rudin lived in fifteen different locations before she graduated high school. She married young and had children. By the 1980s, she was living in Las Vegas when she met and married Ron Rudin. It was the fifth marriage for both Ron and Margaret. But it was a rocky marriage filled with deceit and infidelity. Ron Rudin vanished just before Christmas in 1994, and when his body was found in a steamer trunk, the police zeroed in on his wife Margaret.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss "Black Widow" Margaret Rudin. She did a lot of strange things before and after her husband's death. She was definitely on police radar but they couldn't put enough evidence together to charge her. That changed when a diver found the murder weapon in a lake near Las Vegas. But, Margaret wasn't going to go quietly, she ran. It took authorities two years, and the help of America's Most Wanted, to track Margaret down. Even after her conviction, and recent release from prison, questions remain about what really happened to Ron Rudin and just exactly who was involved.

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