Ronald Gene Simmons


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Ronald Gene Simmons committed the worst family massacre in the history of the US. Around Christmas in 1987, Simmons murdered 14 members of his family over a period of about four days in Arkansas. Then, several days after Christmas, Simmons went on a shooting rampage trying to get back at various people he felt had wronged him over the years. He murdered two more people and injured many others.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss the monster, Ronald Gene Simmons. How could a man murder his entire family? Simmons never disclosed the exact reasons behind his murders but theories abound. This was a man who ruled his family with an iron fist. He was physically abusive and limited the locations his family members could go. Outsiders were rarely allowed inside the Simmons home. One of the biggest clues might revolve around a charge of incest against Simmons years prior. He was charged with incest against his eldest daughter and the criminal acts produced a child.

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