Ep133 - Unsolved Iowa Murders


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In this episode, we are diving into three unsolved murder in Iowa. 25-year-old mother Jackie Douthart went missing on May 23, 2011, after a night out with friends. Her body was found almost a year later. Police had serious questions about one of Jackie's friends, a man who supposedly dropped her off after their night out partying. But, police would never get the chance to ask all of their questions about this suspect because he took his own life.

Then, in 2012, two cousins, Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins were riding their bikes near Meyers Lake when they went missing. Townspeople came forward to report a suspicious white SUV driving around town and near the lake. The authorities found the bikes of both girls very quickly on a trail near the lake. But, it was 5 months before their bodies were discovered in a wildlife park about 25 miles from their home.

Join Mike and Gibby as they discuss these disappearances and murders from the state of Iowa. Did the police's prime suspect kill Jackie Douthart? And was it a local person or someone just passing through that abducted and murdered Lyric and Elizabeth?

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