Historical True Crime Showcase


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Episode 440 gives True Crime Historian listeners a chance to discover your second-favorite historical true crime podcast with this showcase, to which we were invited to contribute a short story. Our own entry comes near the end, but it’s worth the wait. It’s a highly interesting tale about a Colorado sheriff who invents a device to let condemned prisoners execute themselves.
If you would like to follow up on some of the other podcasts in the showcase, here are the links:
Ghost Town: https://www.ghosttownpod.com/
Lady Justice: https://linktr.ee/lady.justice.podcast
Ye Olde Crime: https://www.yeoldecrimepodcast.com/
Dial-a-Crime: https://dial-a-crime.pinecast.co/
True Crime Historian: https://www.truecrimehistorian.com/
Old Timey Crimey: https://linktr.ee/oldtimeycrimey

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