You'll Never Hang Me!


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AN EYE FOR AN EYE -- A special edition of Yesterday’s News exploring the criminal justice system at its most extreme: Inflicting the Death Penalty... The Insanity (Or Not) Of Douglas Van Vlack Episode 377 takes a deep plunge into the story of a troubled young couple in a flight from justice that ends in great double tragedies. The second act details a sensational and contentious trial as Douglas Van Vlack’s defense team try to keep him from the gallows by telling the story of his traumatic life. The third act tells how the scoundrel tries to take matters into his own hands when the insanity plea fails. Culled from the historic pages of the Idaho Evening Times and other newspapers of the era. *** Show recommendation of the week - MYSTERIES AND URBAN LEGENDS. Download the Himalaya app or go to and enter promo code LEGENDS at checkout to get 30 days of premium content, FREE! *** A creation Of Pulpular Media Also from Pulpular Media: Portals to Possibility, an improvised comedy about an alternate reality, where monsters are real--and hilarious!!! Visit for a brand-new episode. Catastrophic Calmaties, Exploring the famous and forgotten disasters of the 19th and 20th centuries. What could go wrong? Everything! Want to get a jump on the next episode of True Crime Historian? Why then, download the new podcast app Himalaya and get all new episodes a day early, then drop a buck in the tip jar for True Crime Historian. Or sign up for Himalaya Plus and for premium content and other special features. Or you can support your favorite podcaster at Just a dollar an episode reserves your bunk at the safe house and access to exclusive content and whatever personal services you require. *** Opening theme by Nico Vitesse. Incidental music by Nico Vitesse, Chuck Wiggins, and Dave Sams. Some music and sound effects licensed from Closing theme by Dave Sams and Rachel Schott, engineered by David Hisch at Third Street Music. Media management by Sean Miller-Jones Richard O Jones, Executive Producer

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