#49: Build a Winning Culture with Monty Moran


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Today on the show we’re talking to Monty Moran, CEO of Chipotle. Monty talks about how he started as a lawyer, quickly moved up the ranks in his law firm and became the CEO of his law firm because the partners saw he was a leader. He then had Chipotle as a client, and the CEO of Chipotle saw how well his firm was doing and wondered how Monty had created such a great culture, and brought him on as co-CEO of Chipotle.

Monty talks about the 3 reasons why people aren’t happy in your company.There are low performers, which is rare, not knowing the standards of your workplace, and most importantly your employees are not feeling empowered. Empowerment can lead to some amazing results, if every one of your employees feels like they are furthering themselves as well as the company, you know you’ve built a successful culture.

People are much more in common than they are different, Monty went out to show that people are connected in a lot of ways. He shot a documentary series called, Connected: A Search for Unity airing on PBS.


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Monty’s Website: https://montyfmoran.com/

Monty’s Book, Love is Free. Guac is Extra: https://montyfmoran.com/pre-order-book/

Monty’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/montyfmoran/


2:27 - Monty’s Childhood

3:59 - Law School

4:42 - Transition to Chipotle

8:31 - Growth by People

10:55 - Empowerment

15:11 - Management vs Leadership

18:43 - Growing Within

19:21 - Hiring for Character

23:46 - Don’t Hesitate to Fire

27:04 - Writing Your Story

29:03 - Connected: A Search for Unity

32:50 - Racism in America

36:27 - Opportunity in Equality

40:00 - Systemic Issues

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