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We are being told how great our economy is doing while deficit spending is setting all time records. Since republicans took over, deficit spending has increased by 12.9%. When liberals have control, conservatives claim fiscal conservancy. When conservatives gained control, spending has run amok.

The national and international levels of debt and deficit are driving us over the fiscal cliff. There are only 2 solutions: Bankruptcy or hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is currently running at full steam.

This cannot and will not last. There is absolutely no theory to challenge its foolish recklessness. Listen to the show to hear more about how banking and the fed uses fractional reserve banking to run a 10 fold multiple of the deficit while using inflation to confiscate the wealth of the U.S. and now-Global Citizen-to push us into a state of dire destruction and eventual totalitarianism.

Although the situation is dire, we are blessed with the historical knowledge and evidence that precious metals based assets will always sustain throughout every economic challenge. With stocks up, the dollar falling and precious metals based assets at value levels, we all must address this reality before the inevitable collapse leaves us no option.

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