#11: Why You Can't Stop Eating


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Welcome to the eleventh episode of the Trust Your Body Project Podcast! Trust Your Body Project is a podcast and social media movement started on Instagram designed to help you heal, eat, and create space for the things that truly matter. Meet your host, Whitney Catalano, an anti-diet, health at every size registered dietitian who offers online coaching to help you stop dieting, make peace with your body, and take the power back from your inner bully.

For the appetizer, Whitney covers the different types of restriction and why you might feel like you can never stop eating. Listen to learn about what you might be doing that can lead to overeating and binge eating. Today’s Main Dish is all about what to do if you’re feeling insecure and self-conscious because ‘shorts weather’ is coming up. Whitney gives a few tips for dealing with your emotions in a healthy way.

In this episode Whitney speaks about:

  • Shifting from emotional reactions to emotional responses
  • The different adjustable clothing options that might be a good fit for you
  • The ethics of clothing brands
  • Communicating your boundaries with your friends & family in a respectful way
  • How your body protects you from repeat dieting
  • Why your body might not trust you
  • How long it can take your body to feel like it can rely on consistent food
  • Recognizing when you talk negatively to yourself about food
  • The damage caused by judging yourself for your own emotions
  • Allowing yourself to progress at your own pace

Have you learned to be comfortable with your discomfort?

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