#15: Flying While Fat with J Aprileo (@ComfyFat)


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Welcome to the fifteenth episode of the Trust Your Body Project Podcast! Trust Your Body Project is a podcast and social media movement started on Instagram designed to help you heal, eat, and create space for the things that truly matter. Meet your host, Whitney Catalano, an anti-diet, health at every size registered dietitian who offers online coaching to help you stop dieting, make peace with your body, and take the power back from your inner bully.

In this episode, Whitney is talking with J Aprileo. J is a nonbinary, fat activist, and the founder of Comfyfat.com. Comfy Fat is a site dedicated to sharing resources including clothing and products that make life a little bit easier for plus size folks. The site is also used for talking about the intersections of fatness and gender as well as fat accessibility. J is here to talk about what it means to be body positive and what needs to change so that people can learn about accepting what they have while enjoying all the great things in life.

Whitney shares:

  • J’s journey to body acceptance
  • Differences between self-love and body acceptance
  • How gender identity can influence your body image and what it means to J
  • J’s current feelings about food in regard to their recovery
  • Knowing what someone’s true intentions are when looking for a safe space
  • Being comfortable taking up space
  • Flying as a “passenger of size”
  • Practice makes perfect when learning how to deal with feelings
  • Finding community and celebrating as a fat person
  • Changing what you are taking in to reset your brain
  • J’s millennial internet sappy romantic love story
  • The revolution of fat politics and lack-there-of
  • Most frustrating microaggressions that people should be aware of
  • How to deal with the aggressive level of fat phobia on Youtube

Links to Resources:

Comfy Fat Instagram

Comfy Fat Youtube

Comfy Fat

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