TOS093: Healing the Family (Part 5) - Relationships


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“Healing the Family Part 5-Relationships”, Truth of the Spirit with host Patti Brunner. Lack of relationship causes families to crumble; how is it repaired? Work as hard as you possibly can, to bring Jesus and his Way into your relationship. How? This episode, using the Lord’s advice, takes a look at the virtues, the beatitudes, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. You are called to generously spend your time, talent and treasure with forgiveness and the love shown by Jesus. And one person at a time the family and the world will be healed. You can read the blog at Other episodes referenced include “Finding Peace when Time Causes Chaos” of the series “Working Through the World’s Chaos to Find Supernatural Peace" and “Healing the Family (Part 2) – Generations” of the current series.

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