TOS094: Healing the Family (Part 6) - Men & Women


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Final episode of the series “Healing the Family” with host Patti Brunner. For the ‘Men & Women’ episode we call upon St. Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the Theology of the Body. Male and female human beings were designed to not only be partners but to be the image of the Trinity as children are conceived and life goes forth into the world. Men and women are created with a spirit capable of joining with the Holy Spirit and so their union must be held as sacred. Even among unmarried people their sexuality is still considered sacred. The family was created in the image of the Holy Trinity and Satan hates this. Satan has turned to fight against the human sexuality of created gender. Destruction of the family is his goal. St. Joseph did not allow lust to take root as he noticed the Virgin Mary’s inner and outer beauty. The media today belittles the male role models of the family as stupid and lust-filled. So what is the remedy when confusion reigns in your family? Can purity be restored? Read the blog at and the playlist for the rest of this series!

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