EP 331: Hello 2020, Excited To Meet You!


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It's the final episode in the Journey Into the Wild Soul!!

If you've been tuning in over the last several weeks, you know we've covered all kinds of juicy things, from deep committed practice and the importance of integration, to surrender, releasing, trust, receptivity, passion, purpose, love, truth and how EMBODIMENT is one of the most effective ways to bring it all together and LIVE it.

Might sound like a tall order, but it's actually quite elegant and practical when you get down to it!

In today's episode rather than a year in a review or an entire preview of 2020, I've framed it in a way that integrates the immense reflection, integration and clarity December provided for me.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I was REALLY into moving into a new decade.

What I got really into was reflecting on who I had become, the lessons I had learned and the things, habits, people and etc I had completed with over that decade.

In that reflection were a few things that had to do with BEING SUPER HONEST WITH MYSELF about what has worked in the past and what actually honors who I am now.

It’s always exciting when new truths reveal themselves, and sometimes it’s also inconvenient, but that’s life isn’t it - the best choices are not always the easiest ones to follow or make.

When you are connected to your body, heart, soul and inner authority - you just know better than to ignore the nudges, though.

One last note - just because 2020 has begun, doesn’t mean you can't do this type of reflection yourself if you have yet to or find yourself with the desire after listening to this episode.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!



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