Truth Wanted 03.15 2020-05-15 with ObjectivelyDan & Katy Montgomerie


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Hello Seekers of Truth! Our cohost for tonight is Katy Montgomerie. Katy is a trans rights activist with incredible musical talent. You can find her on Twitter: or on her YouTube channel:
Our first caller is Daniel from Canada, who wants to talk about alien abductions. Could alien technology be so advanced that it appears to be magic, making experience with extraterrestrials unprovable by our current means?
Next up is Zack from the UK, who wants to talk about the difference between knowing things to be true and believing things to be true. What even is the definition of truth? Next, we have Tim from Arizona, who wants discuss legal discrimination against LGBT+ people in America. How many problematic laws and institutions are currently being overlooked?
Then we have Nick from Wisconsin, whose family believes in pseudoscience. How should you discuss sensitive opinions with others? Last but not least, we have Kyle from Virginia, who wants to know how best to approach a conversation with someone who holds religion-related transphobic views. What do you say to someone who considers transgenderism to be a mental illness?
We have a great show in store tonight, so be sure to tune in!

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