Truth Wanted 03.38 with ObjectivelyDan and Puck


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Good evening Truth Seekers! ObjectivelyDan is joined this week by Puck! Puck has been a volunteer with the ACA for several months and streams on twitch! Puck is a newer skeptic and is chomping at the bit to talk to some callers.
First caller tonight, Johnny in CA asks our hosts of any favorite paranormal claims they have, or any that make you go, “Hmmm.” The deep sea freaks out Puck, aliens for Dan. Interesting. Johnny wants there to be aliens but still remains skeptical.
Mark in PA asks if evangelicals would believe in creationism if the creator was Hindu, not Abrahamic. Some people will remain skeptical of whatever claim you tell them, hell some even believe the earth is flat. If Brahma were real, we would need some corroboration and ask if this was the best they could do.
Jay in IN asks if we know about Falun Dafa, or Falun Gong, a practice similar to Tai Chi. We know if it, but don’t attribute the health benefits to the supernatural. Be wary of newer organizations that claim to be ancient, especially if that group has a dubious at best news site.
Will in SC asks our advice about an upcoming speech project on using epistemology to examine their beliefs. Thank you for learning how to give a speech. Talk about the Socratic method and examples of Socrates’ use of questions, street epistemology, and introspective questioning.
Last caller tonight! Bridget in NJ was a ghost hunter that realized it was not real. She realized the people believed first and filled in the unknown gaps with ghosts and noticed the reactions when asking the “wrong” questions. Bridget agreed to post some ghost hunting reports to our TW Facebook fan group!
That's all the Truth for this week! Thanks for watching and make sure to check out Puck on Truth Wanted’s November 6th episode.

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