Truth Wanted 03.39 with ObjectivelyDan and Dave Farina


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Good evening Truth Seekers! ObjectivelyDan is joined this week by Dave Farina, aka Professor Dave on YouTube. Dave is a science communicator on YouTube with over 1 million subscribers!
First caller tonight, Lars in Norway wants to address obtaining absolute certainty. Let's start with some definitions. Absolute certainty is only obtainable through maths, but it’s used a bit more colloquially in other sciences. We have to operate under some assumptions.
Larry in PA asks if our hosts believed a soul leaves your body and lives forever. There isn’t a consensus in Christianity on an afterlife, but Dan did believe in a soul and afterlife. Dan agrees with the caller that there doesn’t seem to be evidence of any afterlife. We wish more people viewed this as the one and only life and lived it to the fullest.
Derek in MI theorizes Donald Trump may be the antichrist. He gives us a few examples, possibly prophesying 2020 being a terrible year. The antichrist in the bible is not what people think. As fun as this call was, we don’t put much stock in Christian mythology.
Tymm in WA is fearful of the conservative nature of SCOTUS given the 6-3 majority, specifically losing marriage rights and blurring the lines between religion and government. It is a really big problem and it’s going to be an uphill fight. Tymm talks abortion rights with our hosts for the remainder of the call.
Last caller tonight! Julie in ID continues the conversation on the recent SCOTUS nomination and how it could affect women’s reproductive rights. We get that people need to talk about politics right now, it's horrible how much it affects our rights. It would be a grave social ill if women’s reproductive rights are taken away.
That's all the Truth for this week! You can find more from Dave at

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