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Good evening Truth Seekers. Sit back and relax tonight, Puck is hosting Truth Wanted this week and joining him is Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist, Ethan Michael! Ethan is a new to YouTube atheist but now has several YouTube shows now! Puck starts us out tonight talking with Ethan about everything Atheist YouTube.
First caller tonight, James in Australia asks about the religiosity in America versus Australia. This call dropped, please call back James.
Robyn in AZ tells a story of where she was laying in bed and felt something jump up on her waterbed but nothing was there. She later learned that her cat died and thinks that was a last visit. Even if this was true, what can we do with this information now?
Yo in TX conducted a seance and asked for any supernatural experience and claims the lights turned off, darkness enveloped a candle, the candle came back on and they saw a shadowy figure. Candles can relight and cast ominous shadows, again this is just a story.
James in Australia is back to talk about how religiosity has permeated in all American society. Ethan thinks we aren’t aware how much religion affects our daily lives and talks more on history and religion. America is not a christian founded country. Puck talks how much more religious America appears on the world stage.
David in CA argues that “in the beginning, let there be light” is confirmed by the consistent nature of cosmic microwave background radiation. The bible is vague and open to interpretation, how do we know that's what the bible meant? Why not talk with a physicist about this?
Last caller tonight! Anthony in CA argues there is more evidence for bigfoot than the tooth fairy, etc There might be MORE evidence, but we don’t find it credible. Anthony feels bigfoot is a claim to be researched, not ridiculed. Anthony is going to share some evidence he has, we ran out of time.
That's all the Truth for this week! Thanks for voting! Find all of Ethan’s links here:

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