Truth Wanted 03.42 11-20-2020 with ObjectivelyDan and Ian Jaydid


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Good evening, Truth Seekers! ObjectivelyDan is joined tonight by Ian Jaydid! Tonight’s episode is about all things paranormal. Ian is an artist first and foremost but he is also an author. Check out his latest book “Migration”. Ian starts us off today talking about his experiences with lucid dreaming and the astral realm.
First caller tonight, Pierre in Canada argues that the bible is not talking about gods, but extraterrestrials that created the world. How could you know that? Pierre tells the testimony of a prominent Raelian. Neither testimony or books on the subject will convince us.
Mark in PA believes that lucid dreaming isn’t magic, it’s just dreaming, you can’t see things that aren’t there. Ian doesn’t believe in a soul and would agree if he hasn’t had his personal experiences. We definitely aren’t talking about an immortal soul saved by Jesus.
Jordan in CA asks how we define truth. It is not as straightforward as we think. We work more with a pragmatic idea of truth, assuming a shared reality. Even that starts with a bunch of assumptions, like terms we use to describe reality. Ian goes super deep, talking about empty space and the physics behind empty space.
Our last caller tonight, Vern in MI asks how often we interact with presuppositionalists? They do call in from time to time. Ian hasn’t had the pleasure yet. We quickly break down the argument and all the traps and pitfalls that come. There is no reason to insert a god in any argument. The logical absolutes don’t point to a god either.
That's all the Truth for this week! Find more from Ian at Stay safe out there, wear your masks!

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