Show 01: College Buddy Brian


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In today’s show:

Jumbo Push Pops - spring loaded candy? This definitely looks dirty on camera. But it’s for kids.

Ryan and Michelle dig NASCAR … Teeg is ambivalent to the auto racing. Let’s just say, he’s not a Mountain Dew drinker. But it’s hard not to love fast cars going braaap.

Taking delight in horrible candy - like wax lips. Brian describes the dark corner of a convenience store (the place Teeg makes a beeline for).

Knoppers - chocolate covered milk hazelnut wafer … the try-ers were all impressed. Maybe more cookie than candy but definitely a snack. Brian’s summary, “legit.” Teeg, “This is everything that we appreciate about Germany: in the category of everything we like from there like BMW and beer.”

Snicker’s Creamy Peanut Butter - Brian’s reaction: “I don’t like bad smells, and when someone eats one of these fake peanut butter candies, they can’t help but start to smell like old carpet or like when you find a towel that got wet and sat in the dirty clothes for a couple weeks.”

M&M’s Milk Chocolate Bars - Teeg’s first pick - “I got them on discount at a flea market.” (Not true, kidding, kidding.)

Camo Beans from Jelly Belly - The Pandering Candy (but they were pretty good). Teeg’s favorite is the black jelly beans.

Brian: “Nobody who is allowed to drive should be able to eat black jelly beans.”

Teeg: “I love how they make your mouth a little numb, I love how you can’t eat just one…”

The try-ers were just as divided on the topic of Juicy Pear

Teeg’s third pick: “Brach’s Pick A Mix Jelly Nougat.” I’m sure that no two are alike. Brian: They’re a collector’s item, they’re not for eating.

The try-ers do a deep dive into Cadbury Creme Eggs and the creme amniotic fluid inside

Teeg: The Brach’s Jelly Nougat is the flavor of the allied forces winning World War Two.

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