Show 02: Candy + Super Heroes


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In today’s show:

We do *not* try Dude, Sweet chocolate “Crack in a Box” chocolate bark, Nanette’s gift chocolate for Teeg - we save that for another day.

Nanette & Matthew worry about the amount of sugar shock they’ll encounter from this much sugar entering their low-sugar diet.

Hershey’s Cookie Crunch - an awful lot like Twix with nuts. Nanette said, “not so much,” but Matthew was licking the wrapper and Teeg ate like a hungry muppet.

Story break: Teeg saw that the TSA was bragging about catching a gun off a guy coming through security in Cedar Rapids … Matthew was once that guy, sorta - and talked his way out of it. Only in Texas.

Twizzlers Bites (low fat!) are a “brings back a memory” candy for everyone; Matthew’s more of a Red Vines guy, and Nanette has a lesson on how fat can be good. Bonus: Swedish Fish, just because we could, and it came up in conversation.

Nanette gets into how Swedish Fish fueled her days during a portion of her professional skydiving career, and this led us to the story what can go wrong skydiving, how fast you’re going (180 MPH), completing over 9,000 career jumps out of an airplane including 21 jumps on one day, and BASE jumping off of a radio tower … while you have debilitating food poisoning.

The not-candy for this week was Caesar Harvest Snaps Green Pea Snap Crisps. Our guest try-ers were a little worried about the length of the ingredient list, Teeg was making a case that Swedish Fish do not involve fish, so something made from peas is definitely OK. Matthew thinks they are definitely better than being water boarded. Nanette, “I’d probably prefer to fast.”

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