Show 03: Custom Coloring Mom


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In today’s show:

Eillien’s Butterscotch Discs - the official candy of little old ladies in church. The try-ers agree that society might be aging out of the butterscotch candy - Ryan got these at a small town hardware store. All agree: these are comforting candy.

Teeg & Amy are celebrating 19 years of wedded bliss.

Amy’s the Custom Coloring Mom, she’s making ‘road trip bundles’ for summer where she makes five little sheets that tells the story of the family’s vacation, and the kids can color them in the car to help pass the miles. Getting kids coloring is a big deal: kids are losing fine motor skills and dexterity, so it’s important to give them something to do that’s not on screens.

A bunch of college friends hop on the Facebook live, and it makes the show feel like old home week in a fun good way. Except our kid keeps walking into the room while we’re recording the show.

Salted Nut Rolls - a bargain, 2 for $1 - thrifty! A hardware store favorite. The try-ers all liked ‘em.

Ryan surprises us with Candy Cigarettes and they were absolutely terrible. Not just morally terrible, but like, gross. Remember these tasting like the white conversation hearts? Now they taste like compressed baking soda and depression.

Teeg’s first pick - Toffifay, which guest Amy calls a Northern Iowa farm favorite, but none of us had ever tried. Caramel, chocolate, hazelnut. We all loved them, and we all decided that the name is dumb.

For our not-candy: Teeg loves preserved packaged meats. Larissa’s Kitchen Smoky Sweet Beef Sticks … Amy is a vegetarian and she refuses to try it. Teeg loved it, the other try-ers were not as sure. Teeg make’s the case for them.

Ryan: “I’ve got greasy lips.”

Teeg: “Let’s put that on a T-shirt.”

Great minds think alike: Teeg ALSO sent Salted Nut Rolls, but bite sized. We pontificate on whether full size and bite size snacks of the same type taste different; probably so - the proportions change.

Last candy: Milky Way original, full sized bar. Seems like this was MADE for a snack size versus full size bar.

The difference between mom and dad:

Dad observes that the kids are killing each other.

Mom tries to prevent the kids from killing each other.

Toffifay tops the list of our favorites for the week if we take all the try-ers on average, but Teeg puts Larissa’s kitchen at the top of the list and Ryan believes Teeg must have a side-deal sponsorship or something.

The Try-ers ship an envelope out to one Try This Tribe member, and Lane L is first to raise his hand.

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