Show 05: - Guest Submitted - Brian’s Surprise Box


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In today’s show:

Vallomilk - it’s like if you replace the peanut butter in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with liquified marshmallow. Cool backstory on this depression-era invention that’s still around, beloved in Kansas.

Chick O Stick brings back happy memories for Teeg, but it’s just confusing to the others. Brian puts everyone at ease about them being expired because “they don’t actually contain chicken.”

Did you know that Butterfinger changed their formula? We gotta get @CrazyFlippinMom on the show - she’s raking it in by scoring the old recipe and selling them online.

Big Cherry - a tasty candy that’s none too easy on the eyes. Plus, why we eat popcorn in movie theaters.

The Great Depression seems to have given rise to a lot of enduring candy - we pontificate as to why.

Abra CaBubble is this giant jawbreaker with gum inside. Brian reminisces about a classmate that made a killing selling them on the playground, Teeg - who likes everything - thinks they’re kinda gross.

One Star Amazon reviews make everyone laugh hysterically: this needs to become a segment on the show. From Abra Cabubble, “I didn’t realize what a choking hazard these would be.”

Helen Oh Jelly Corn is the most disturbing thing we’ve tried yet. Shaped like corn on the cob, smelling exactly like corn, tasting - bizarre. Nothing like what we know as gummy candy, Tribe Member Mike B. commented, “Nothing should taste like corn but corn.” So true, Mikey, so so true.

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