Show 08: Dadbod Snacks and his worldwide reveal


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Ryan’s in Boston, and the @earlysnowbirds are making their way to the Florida keys, trying to escape rainy weather in the Northeast. Teeg & Ryan both share stories about weird Airbnb experiences – Michelle’s never stayed in one.

Nobody has ever seen @DadbodSnacks face – he’s self described as “small potatoes” in the candy game, so he starts the live feed on Facebook Live wearing a mask.

We start with Ryan’s envelopes, and the first treat in the mix was the T’frutti Gummy Burger, Gummy Hot Dog and Gummy Cupcake. Agreed: good, but not amazing. They don’t taste like burgers or hot dogs, and the Gummy Cupcake, which is what Michelle got, tasted like cotton candy. We talked about when food tastes like one thing but looks like another. And Gummy Corn, to which John mused, “If you like corn, you like corn, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” Let’s print that on a T-shirt.

John did a Candy Bracket around the time of March Madness – it’s worth checking out on the DadbodSnacks Instagram – you’ll be surprised. Ryan was.

John’s never shown his face – nobody knows who he is – so at about this point in the show, he takes off his mask and reveals who he is. The earth didn’t shake, glasses didn’t shatter, but if you’ve ever wondered who’s the guy behind the IG Profile, now you can know, at this point in the show – the video is archived on our Facebook feed.

Ryan’s second pick: old fashioned gum, Black Jack and Clove. Teeg recalls doing a holiday craft in the 80’s where you’d stick a bunch of cloves into an orange. Anyone else do that craft? Michelle was in.

We talked about how flavors are getting stronger, and how companies are always trying for ‘more.’ John brought up Oreos and ‘Most Stuff’ coming back. His opinion: that’s too much stuff.

How many items does John share? And how many does he try? Just a percentage. One of the things he showed off was a new product called Yummallows, stuff like a caramel and strawberry filled marshmallow.

John talks about the Sweets & Snacks Expo – heaven if you love snacks. He met @SnackGator, @CandyHunting and missed @ThreeSnacketeers, but loved getting into this industry trade show – he covered how he got in.

Talked about the “Reaper Ranch” chips from Taco Bell, and the Paqui one chip challenge – John tried them at the Expo, and they were good at the expo but seemed hotter when he bought them later.

Ryan’s third treat for us was Pop Rocks. Teeg got grape, (grape! yuck) John got Cotton Candy, Michelle got Tropical Punch. Teeg accidentally ate them all at once. Michelle too.

Ryan’s pop rock hacks: Put them in your cereal, on your ice cream, yogurt, on chocolate, or onto baked goods, like frosting on Christmas cookies.

Musings: why is candy so fun?

Into Teeg’s envelope: Candy Corn M&M’s. The Candy Corn Controversy – good or gross?

John’s mind blowing fact: White Chocolate comes from Cocoa Butter, the other part of the Cocoa Bean.

Michelle is still firmly anti-white chocolate.

Ryan proposes that Candy Corn is basically décor, you can get it out and put it in a seasonal bowl every year.

We tried Clark Cups – Teeg sent them because they looked like they might get a rise out of Ryan, like a Reese’s Imposter. There’s a card inside the Clark cups, and you save the cards and you get $2 once you get 500 points. Kind of a cool 1950’s CRM tactic. They’re awesome. Ryan wishes they were a different shape so they didn’t seem like a Reese’s knock-off, because they’re good.

John’s point: It’s not who’s first, it’s who’s best. Hydrox came before Oreo, after all.

Michelle thinks they’re better than Reese’s – Teeg agrees. John says that’s a bridge too far.

Superfood Grainola is Teeg’s final snack – ancient grains, dark chocolate – 25 cents a bag at Hy-Vee. Little clusters in a bag. Michelle thinks that it looks like bear scat. It’s bird seed plus chocolate. John doesn’t think healthy food has to look good, and he thinks this is a better choice after a workout than Clark Cups.

Clark Cups topped everybody’s list this week!

What does John think is coming next? Texture – like Trolli crunchy gummis. And bite sized. More bite sized favorites.

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