Show 09: The Event A-Team tries Halloween Season Treats & More


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For years, Teeg has produced all kinds of events all over the United States. This week, we bring in a group of his former co-workers who know him, share his love for candy, and have pretty funny takes on just about everything.

Ryan joins us this week from the Florida Keys, where Fantasy Fest is going on – but Ryan’s not participating, for good reason. It’s kind of a clothing-optional kind of thing.

In Colorado, it may be just mid-October, but Michelle is expecting a foot of snow.

We’re digging into some Halloween candy – and from what we hear, Halloween is NOT the #1 candy holiday of the year – Easter is, or so we are told.

Gabe is good at magic, but we decided it wouldn’t translate very well to the podcast.

First candy: those black and orange peanut butter taffy things, a real Halloween Classic. Gabe summed it up best, “It’s bottom of the barrel, but if you go to Grandma’s house, you don’t say no if she gives this to you.”

Harley’s from Massachusetts but you can’t tell by her accent – she didn’t want to be a “Masshole.”

The Reese’s Scary Ghost could be offensive to everyone, because Reese’s are Ryan’s favorite and this is a stretch to say it’s anything like the original peanut butter cup. It’s white chocolate – which Michelle holds is *not* chocolate. Ryan’s melted, but Michelle’s was in good shape – and she thought the ratio was right on. Ryan thought it reminded him of a Butterfinger that doesn’t get caught in your teeth, so he was cool with that. Among our event pros, Gabe & Harley were the biggest Reese’s Ghost fans. Teeg, of course, loved it.

Was it 150 years of Hershey’s or Reese’s this week? Teeg thinks so, and maybe the governor of Pennsylvania declared it Reese’s day? Maybe? Who can fact check this?

Kristan shared an embarrassing Teeg story that involved passing out in a bathtub and flooding a hotel. But who hasn’t had that happen, really? And in Teeg’s case, who hasn’t flooded a building more than once? Ryan and Michelle dredge up a similar incident from college with a Teeg-led scheme to make a hot tub in a dorm shower room that went very, very wrong.

Next treat: Russell Stover Candy Corn Marhsmallow in white fudge pumpkin. Teeg, of course, loved it. Ryan was a “one bite” on this and then no more. Kristan described it as a jiggly tapioca pudding flavored drive-through breakfast egg.

Gabe said it was a little more like biting into a promotional stress ball, but a little less chewy – but the taste wasn’t bad. Harley thought the inside was do-able, but could do without the white chocolate which goes against what she JUST SAID. Hayley’s take was “not that bad.” Michelle’s feeling was that she loves marshmallows and this wasn’t like a marshmallow to her, but the packaging was cute. Teeg said it was like a Cadbury Crème egg and replaced it with thin white chocolate, and then used flavored marshmallow crème that was like tapioca pudding, you’d have this, and that’s good. Real good. Nobody really thought it tasted like candy corn.

Kristan’s quiz: is chocolate the same as candy, and do you give out chocolate or candy on Halloween?

For the event pros: what’s the best event you’ve ever been to, that you produced or attended?

For Gabe, it was Tomorrow World – an incredible EDM festival in Chatahoochee, GA. But the real first is his wedding. But about Tomorrow World, it’s a football field sized stage, and everything’s engaged. The entire area where people stand is wood, and not a big muddy field like a lot of music festivals. We put guesses on what percentage of people were on a mind-altered state. Gabe made it clear that “that stuff” is not his bag.

Kristan didn’t want to get made fun of for her all-time favorite event, but Hayley outed her: Wrestlemania! We went deep down that rabbit hole.

Harley’s A#1 is Monster Jam, “the greatest coolest thing ever.” But not a Grave Digger fan, since he’s the one everybody likes.

Ryan’s first pick was the Hershey’s Candy Corn bar. Super sweet smell. White chocolate with candy corn bits. Michelle liked it enough that she could look past the white chocolate. Teeg naturally loved it. “This is all we will give out at our house this Halloween.” Harley’s feeling was, “I’m not enjoying it, but I’d eat it.” Reminded her of Ben & Jerry’s cheesecake ice cream. Hayley thought it was like eating just the coating on sugar coated animal crackers. It literally hurt Kristan’s sugar tooth. She said one square was plenty. Gabe said that growing up, the Hershey’s Cookie and Cream was his favorite candy bar, and this reminded him enough of that to be a winner. But this is more chalky, and kinda spoils it. He’d eat 50% now and then 50% an hour later. Ryan’s not onboard. But his melted.

Ryan’s second pick was, and is, a killer find – the Tabasco Brand Chocolate. It came in a fancy little metal tin, and Ryan’s had kinda melted shut. But Teeg’s worked great, seemed super fancy and super cool. This was, and is, fancy candy – some of the fanciest candy we’ve had on the show. It didn’t start out spicy, but the heat comes out the longer it’s in your mouth. It turned up Ryan’s sweat level. Michelle isn’t a heat fan and had to go for more milk. Hayley thought it started out nice and then it was like if you put too much tabasco on your breakfast taco and you regret it. Harley said same. Kristan, native Texan, said this isn’t hot, and sometimes food that burns is GOOD.

Gabe got his opportunity to brag: he and Harley took the official chocolate tasting class in Hershey, PA – they even got their diploma! The main thing is, you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth and you’re not supposed to chew. He said that 7 seconds in, he had to swallow – it was a weird amount of heat for him. Teeg loved them, of course. Fancy candy, high quality chocolate, these are right up the alley as a once-a-day candy.

Hayley brought up the time that she had to rescue Teeg from the world’s worst food poisoning, while going through an airport.

Ryan’s third pick is one that he described as a “Teeg favorite.” Something like a black licorice gel from some random candy store. Kind of a no-name thing. Everybody’s kinda melted. It looked a lot like tar, for real. Teeg loved it of course. Michelle thought it was less bad than most black licorice. Kristan thought it was less bad than other black licorice but still not OK. Gabe is not against this. Hayley couldn’t get past it. Michelle said, “more like root beer.”

Ryan thought it was a week of more lows than highs, a real rough week, but the Tabasco chocolate was probably the best, and the worst was everything else. Michelle said same – that Tabasco tin.

Hayley put the anise blob as the worst, but the Reese’s ghost at the top – but the spicy chocolate is growing.

Gabe, Kristan - Reese’s ghost #1 and taffy last.

Harley put the blob at the top, because it helped redeem black licorice for her. But the candy corn marshmallow surprise wasn’t her favorite.

Teeg said everything was almost all tied for first, but Tabasco chocolate for the top slot, and peanut butter taffy at the bottom.

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