[11] Chris Marr on Using Social Media to win local business


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Can Social Media really be used by small businesses to find and win customers locally?

In episdode 11 of TubbTalk, I talk with Chris Marr, a Social Media and Marketing expert.

Chris and I discuss:-

  • Overcoming the common objection "We don't use Social Media because our customers don't use it"
  • Why Social Media is worthwhile for local businesses
  • The perils of not prioritising Social Media (or any type of Marketing) in Small Business
  • Examples of Social Media opportunities for local businesses
  • The mistake of using Social Media to sell to people
  • Who your competition really is on Social Media
  • Joining the dots - How the principles of off line networking successfully work in social networking
  • How a small business can build a following on Social Media
  • The power of Twitter lists
  • Why should businesses seek out Twitter chats
  • Details of The Content Marketing Academy event in Edinburgh,

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