EVERYTHING you need to know about being a Mobile Content Creator with Dee Nimmin


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Can you REALLY be a mobile content creator and do EVERYTHING on your phone? Do you need to spend thousands on equipment to be successful on YouTube?
I wanted to understand what it would take to be a creator who only has access to a mobile phone, so I called upon one of the top experts in the field to help me. Dee Nimmin just on mobile, so he’s the ideal person to teach us the tips and tricks of how to be successful on YouTube using only a mobile phone.
In this podcast you will learn:
- Why a smartphone is all you need to create video content
- Why creating video is more important than waiting for the right gear
- Why investing in a microphone should be your first step
- Why learning the manual controls on your smartphone is a must
- The best apps for editing video on a mobile
- The best apps for creating custom thumbnails on a mobile device
For the full show notes, head over to https://vidiq.com/blog/post/how-to-be-successful-youtube-without-spending-a-fortune-tubetalk-186/.
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