How Teachers Can Use Their Skills to Build a YouTube Channel with Gabby Wallace


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YouTube is full of an incredible range of content, but is it a good platform to build a successful channel around teaching a skill? On this episode of TubeTalk, we talk to a creator that’s done just that.
Gabby Wallace runs a very successful YouTube channel called Go Natural English which teaches American English to learners. She’s generated 55M views for her videos, and with a growing subscriber base of 1.6M, she’s tapping into a clear demand from viewers for this type of content.
I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Gabby at one of the recent video conferencing event held in Los Angeles, where we got to unpack her channel, understand her strategy. In this podcast you will learn:
- How you can use your skills to teach others on YouTube
- How to leverage the huge demand to learn new skills via YouTube
- How to monetize your educational content on YouTube
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