How camera expert Dave Maze is crushing it on YouTube and so can you!


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To be successful in YouTube in any niche, you have to have discipline, you have to have the commitment, and you have to have the vision. Today's guest has those in spades, and it's no wonder some of the world's biggest brands want to work with him. Let's dive in and get in behind the scenes and see what we can learn for our YouTube channel.
On this week’s episode of TubeTalk I’m joined by Dave Maze of Kinotika, the go-to YouTube channel for anything to do with cameras, reviews, tips and tricks. In this podcast you will learn:
- Why it's never too late to start a YouTube channel
- Why being a single brand ambassador might harm you in the long run
- How a running list of content ideas will keep you productive
- How to find a balance between creativity and analytics
It's always fascinating to hear how a creator has built a thriving YouTube channel out of a particular skill or passion. On this week's TubeTalk we talk to Dave Maze who did just that!
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